Implications of radio listening habits of nomads in Kwara State on adult education component of Normadic education programme.

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The Department of Education, University of Maiduguri Nigeria


The cardinal objective of this study was the investigation of radio listening habits of pastoral Nomads in Kwara State and its implications on Adult Education component of Nomadic Education Programme. A total of 560 respondents were engaged in the study using cluster sampling technique. Also, a researcher designed questionnaire was used for data collection. The data collected for the study was analysed using charts, frequency counts and percentages. The reliability co-efficient was calculated to be 0.76. The finding of the study showed that majority of the respondents own radio sets and listen to it frequently. It was also revealed that various radio programmes that pastoral Nomads listen to have made them to enroll their children in school. It was recommended that Information Communication Technology can also be used to reach the Nomads as it is capable of providing learning opportunities for informal and non-formal continuing literacy in adult and basic youth education programme.



Pastoral, Strategies, Radio Listening Habits, Implications