Determinants of Affordability in Rental Housing in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria

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Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Sciences UNIOSUN


This study assesses the determinants of affordability in rental housing in Ogbomoso, Southwest, Nigeria. The location was borne out of the fact that the city houses Ladoke Akintola University of Technology which is a source of employment. Ogbomoso North Local Government Area, the domiciled home of the University was purposively selected for the study. Random sampling was used in selecting two hundred and thirteen households. The questionnaire and observation formed the basic instruments for data collection which were administered to respondents to collect information on socioeconomic characteristics such as; house type and condition as well as house rent. Both descriptive and inferential statistical analyses were employed in the presentation of the findings; correlation analysis was used to test the relationship between households’ income and house type.The bulk of the respondents collect N11,000 – N20,000 (35.2%) indicating they are low-income workers, while the significant house type was Brazilian rooming house (40.2%). Correlation analysis shows that there is a significant relationship between house type and households’ income (p=0.030) indicating house type is a function of household income. The study suggests among others that, the income of residents should be factored into housing policies in Nigeria in determining the housing needs of people



Affordability, Determinants, Households’ income, House type, Rental housing