AN Examination of the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Pubic-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Initiative in Ghana

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Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin


Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) through which private companies collaborate with the public sector to develop and manage complex infrastructure programmes and services, are increasingly being used throughout the world as a solution to address serious infrastructure deficit. In most developing countries such as Ghana, investment in public infrastructure has not matched the increasing need of the population. As a result, underinvestment in critical infrastructure such as road transportation, electricity, housing, water and sanitation among others has posed a serious challenge to the government in its quest for development. The World Bank has estimated that for Ghana to fill its infrastructure gaps, the country needs over US$1.5 billion annually for the next ten years in various sectors of the economy. The investment required exceeds government total revenues available in the short term. Ghana has therefore recently adopted the PPP initiative to develop and maintain ageing infrastructure. This paper examines the legal and regulatory framework for PPPs in Ghana and argues that the present legal and regulatory regime governing PPPs in Ghana are not enough to ensure a successful PPP programme.



Public-Private Partnerships;, Infrastructure Development;, Ghana


(2015) UILJ VOL10