Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon Steel Quenched in Water and Oil

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AU Journal of Technology


Samples of medium carbon steel were examined after heating between 900ºC980ºC and soaked for 45 minutes in a muffle furnace before quenching in palm oil and water separately. The mechanical behavior of the samples was investigated using universal tensile testing machine for tensile test and Vickers pyramid method for hardness testing. The microstructure of the quenched samples was studied using optical microscope. The tensile strength and hardness values of the quenched samples were relatively higher than those of the as-cast samples, suggesting improved mechanical properties. However, samples quenched in palm oil displayed better properties compared with that of water-quenched samples. This behavior was traced to the fact that the carbon particles in palm oil quenched samples were more uniform and evenly distributed, indicating the formation of more pearlite structure, than those quenched in water and the as-received samples.



Muffle furnace, tensile strength, hardness value


http://www.assumptionjournal.au.edu/index.php/AUJournalofTechnology/article/view/ 1375