Time and Resource Management in Research

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Published by the Faculty of Arts, University of Ilorin


This chapter assesses the management of time and other resources in research efforts. The chapter discusses five resource domains (namely human, time, information, funding and computing resources) which must be effectively managed in research to achieve a successful outcome. This study attempts an analytical and discussant study approach. Human life is replete with problems of varying dimensions for which solutions are constantly being sought. In a bid to find solutions to the multifarious problems of life and fend for himself, human beings often launch concerted and hysterical efforts. Even after finding a solution to a raging problem, humans have always sought for improvements and better ways around things, knowing fully well that there could always be a better way. Since they may not succeed in the struggle for the search at debut, hence the need to duplicate the search; and so, human beings search and research until solution or betterment is achieved. The phenomenon of human’s searching and researching is therefore bound to continue ad infinitum (Fadele, 2013, p.1). Cohen and Marion (1989) identify three approaches in human’s frenzied attempts at problem solving, namely: Experience, Reasoning (inductive and deductive) and Research; research still being a fundamental universal means and process of finding solutions to human’s problems.



Time, Resource management, Research


Aboyeji, A. J., Aiyedun, K.D. & Ibrahim, B.O. (2019): Time and Resource Management in Research. In Writing Up Research: Current Trends in the Humanities Oseni, Z.I., Alabi, V.A. Medubi, O.C. & Alabi, T.A. (eds.) 194-208. Published by the Faculty of Arts, University of Ilorin.