Reproduction Number of Vertical Transmission of Measles Model

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A Journal of National Mathematical Centre, Abuja


In this model, we study the reproduction number of measles epidemiology, the rate of vertical transmission of measles and antibodies, including the effect of maternal antibody on the spread of measles to the infant. We exempt the vaccinated class due to the finding of Viera Scheibner. We demonstrated that the disease will die out if the basic reproduction number for the disease free equilibrium R_{0}<1. This is the case of a disease free state, with no infection in the population. Otherwise, the disease may become endemic if the basic reproduction number is bigger than unity. The basic reproduction number at both the disease free state and the endemic state were obtained and the result shows stability in the effect of mother to child transmission of either disease or immunity



Reproduction number R_{0}, vertical transmission, maternal antibody, measles infection disease