Value Added Tax (VAT) Issue in the Nigerian Banking Business:A Diagnosis

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School of of Law and Security Studies, Babcock University


Even though Value Added Tax (VAT) is omnipresent in all goods and services provided to the consumer, however, in the banking sector, this is not absolute. there are some services that are not Vatable and not all banking institutions are subject to VAT. This approbation and rep probation VAT characters in the banking business have added to the complexity of VAT treatment in the sector. This paper therefore discusses the contending issues and requirements in the VAT aspects of banking business in Nigeria. The paper also examines the Nigerian banking business vis-a-vis its chargeability to VAT. The essence of this effort is to show the extent to which the banking business is subject to VAT under the Nigerian Law



Value Added Tax (VAT), Nigerian Banking Business


Babcock University Socio-Legal Journal