Hybridization of El-Gamal and Blow-Fish Algorithm for Data Security

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Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.


The internet connects all part of the world together and thus, makes it very easy and fast to communicate from different location. Reports by internet user on security issues such as hacking of e-mail account, SQL injection, unauthorized access to transaction details makes users to migrate from one platform to another. The increasing activities of hackers to overcome the existing security measures have raised the need for more and improving security technique.Therefore,this study demonstrates hybridization of Blowfish and El-Gamal algorithm to improve data security and improve the performance of El-Gamal algorithm. In the hybrid system, Blowfish is used to encrypt message containing private data using a secret key after which the secret key is encrypted by El-Gamal algorithm using public and private key which are mathematically related.The cipher text produced contains the mixture of private data and secret key. A simulation program is developed using java in order to experiment the difference between the hybrid system, blowfish and El-Gamal algorithm. The result showed that the developed hybrid system is more secure and faster compared to El-Gamal algorithm.



Data Security, Cryptography


Bajeh, A. O., Olatunde, Y. O., Akintola, A. G., Balogun, A. O., Wasiu, M. O., Suleiman, A. T. (2017): Hybridization of El-Gamal and Blow-Fish Algorithm for Data Security . IJIPC: International Journal of Information Processing and Communication. Vol. 5. No 1&2, 38 - 47