Impact of Smartphones on News Gathering and Reporting by Journalists in Kwara State

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Social & Digital Media Discourse


The advent of the new information and communication technologies (ICT) brought new innovations to the media industry worldwide. The development of the ICT revolutinalised the practice of journalism with the introduction of new tools, which have not only enhanced the outputs of professional journalists but also altered the practices of journalism all over the world. The role of the ICT, especially smartphones and the Internet, cannot be overemphasised as they serve pivotal functions in changing and altering the practices of journalism. This study examined the impact of smartphones on news gathering and reporting among journalists in Kwara State, using survey questionnaire as research tool. Census sampling method was employed to seek information from 148 registered working journalists in Kwara State of Nigeria. The results showed that smartphone was popularly being used by majority of journalists in Kwara State for their professional activities and that the device has greatly enhanced their performances. The study recommended that media houses should provide journalists with multifunctional smartphones and facilitate adequate training on the optimum usage of such new gadgets for improved performances.



ICT, smartphones, journalism practices, impact, journalists