Local government councils Community Development in Nigeria: Hindrances to service delivery.

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An official Journal of the department of Educational Foundations, the Faculty of Education, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.


Abstract Local government council, known in Nigeria as the third tier of government is charged with the duty of provision of basic social amenities to the citizens. This arm of government is viewed as the masses closest to the masses, However it is difficult in recent time to carry out its mandate due to a number of reasons here referred to as hindrances. Among others, funding, political consideration and social factors constituted the major hindrances. Particularly, the application or misapplication of the principle of state Joint Local Government Account is a reference. It is observed that most local government grant allocations are directly paid into the state government accounts, the situation which makes accessing the fund and the implementation of the mandates given to the Local Governments by the Nigerian Constitution very difficult. In conclusion, as the hindrances are created by man rather than natural, the paper called for a change in attitude of stakeholders Key words: Community Development, Social Services, Local Government and Service Delivery


Journal of Educational Foundations and Development. 5 (1) 156-164.


Community Development,, Social Services,, Local Government, Service Delivery