Implication of Photo-Series Instructional Packages on Personal Hygiene Among Junior Secondary School Students in Offa Local Government Area, Kwara State

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Department of Vocational Education, University of Uyo, Nigeria.


The study assesses the implication of photo-series instructional packages on personal hygiene among junior secondary school students in Offa Local Government Area, Kwara State. The study carried out due mass failure in health education aspect of physical and health education subject in Junior secondary school examination and poor attitude of students towards personal hygiene is becoming alarming which makes it difficult striving for teachers to solve through different approaches. Therefore, photo-series instructional packages stand in the position to fill the gap. The gender influence was also examined. Sample comprised of 71 students from two secondary schools assigned to the experimental and control groups. Quasi-experimental design of post-test design was employed for the study. The experimental group was taught with photo- series instructional packages (PIP) and the control group was taught using conventional method Researcher's designed Personal Hygiene Achievement Test (PHAT) was used for the study. The formulated hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance with ANCOVA analysis. Finding favoured the photo-series group indicated significant differences in the performance of students and also on gender there was no significant difference. It was recommended among others that, Physical and health education teachers should endeavour to use photo-series instructional package in their lessons especially in teaching personal hygiene and all related topics in health education.



Instructional package, Photographic, Health Education, Personal Hygiene, Gender


Odewunmi, M. O. & Ologele, I. (2019). Implication of Photo-series Instructional Packages on Personal Hygiene among Junior Secondary School Students in Offa Local Government Area, Kwara State. International Journal of Educational Benchmark, 13(1), 53-61.