Agricultural financial support services from commercial banks for youth farmers in Kwara State: Implication for policy reform for youth engagement in agriculture

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Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


Over the years, government has adopted various agricultural policy measures to address the problems confronting agricultural development in Nigeria. In most of these policies the issue of access to finance and youth engagement in agriculture has always been a major focus. In spite of the various revisions and changes in policies, youth participation in agriculture -especially graduates of agriculture- due to inadequate finance to motivate them is still a subject of concern. Therefore, this study examined the trends of policy development in agriculture up to the present time as well as assessed the agricultural financial support services that youth farmers have enjoyed from commercial banks based on the policy provision. The study specifically examined the financial support services available in commercial banks and benefited by youth farmers; the level of awareness of youth farmers about the financial support services available to them in commercial banks; the regularity of financial support services made available by commercial banks to youth farmers and the extent to which youth farmers patronize financial support services available in commercial banks. The study adopted descriptive survey design. The respondents for the study consisted of youth farmers registered with state ministry of agriculture and agricultural desk officers in commercial banks in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. Questionnaire was used as instrument for the study. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics of frequency and mean value. Findings from the study revealed that agricultural financial support services for youth farmers from commercial banks include: seasonal production loans, farming equipment/machineries credits with deferred payment; credits for inputs; information on how to assess finances from banks and other agencies such as sensitization programmes; finances for acquiring storage facilities and Finance for purchasing livestock. Youth farmers are aware of the existence of these services but their level of patronage is low. However, they claimed that these facilities are given occasionally to those who have collaterals to secure them. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that adequate policy provision that could facilitate youths farmers easy access to financial support services should be put in place while government should always involve youths who specialized in agriculture and agricultural lecturers in policy formulations to fast-track easy transition of youths from school into agricultural production.


the article is a survey of financial support services offered to youth farmers in Kwara state and how such services can be used to reform policy for youth engagement in agriculture


Financial support services, youths farmers, commercial banks, policy reform, youth engagement


Adesanya, E. O., Afolabi, K. O., Shuaib, S. B. & Jimoh, S. B. (2020): Agricultural financial support services from commercial banks for youth farmers in Kwara State: Implication for policy reform for youth engagement in agriculture.. Vocational and Technical Education Journal (VOTEJ). 2 (2); 331 - 340.