The Da'wah Themes in the Works of Ahmed Deedat

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University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Nigeria


This study highlights the contributions of Ahmed Deedat to Da‘wah (Islamic propagation). It also examines the various themes in his works and identifies the unique nature of his da‘wah. Through historical and descriptive methods the paper has able to decipher patterns in Ahmed Deedat’s approach to Islamic propagation, particularly on comparative religious issues. His works on Islam and comparative religion can be seen as succeeding in arousing the consciousness of the adherents of different religions especially Christians and Muslims. In other words, his Da‘wah focused primarily on the theme of the Qur’ān, Muhammad, Islam, Jesus, Bible, and God as a way of propagating Islam. This paper, therefore, concludes that Ahmed Deedat’s outlook on Da‘wah has implications for Islamic propagation and opens the way for further dialogue among adherents of different religions.



Ahmed Deedat, Dialogue, Da'wah, Islam, Propagation