Determination of Some Mechanical Properties of Ugu Seed (Telfairia occidentalis) in Relation to the Design of Cracking Machine.

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Wollega University, Ethiopia


Ugu (Telfairia occidentalis) seeds contain valuable Before the oil can be extracted, it has to pass through some processes like depoding, size reduction, cracking etc. The parameters needed in form of seed to design and construct the processing, storage and handling equipment are not readily available. Therefore, this study was done to determine the following mechanical properties; force at break, energy to break, strain at varieties of seeds (NHTo-1, NHTo-2 and NHTo Research (NIHORT) Institute Ibadan, Nigeria were used. 50 samples from each variety were selected at moisture content 67.734% (wb) and use (Testometric M500-100AT, 100kN) was used to determine all the mechanical properties. Result showed that the range of mean values at different orientations of diameters were as stated in the brackets: on the major diameter, for 224.857±129.892N); energy at break (0.097±0.044Nm to 0.526± (2.209±0.841% to 11.079±6.672%) and stress at break (0.133± 0.837 N/mm²). On the intermediate diameter, th to 2043.857±1050,785 N), the energy at break was (0.520±0.054 Nm to 2.604± Nm), the strain at break was (3.739 ±1.345% to 35.069± (0.225±0.111 N/mm² to 2.040±0.964 N/mm²). On the minor diameter, t was (53.500± 47.964 N to 363.857±107.606 Nm to 1.040 ± 0.548 Nm), the strain at break was (1.909± the stress at break was (0.412±0.421 N/mm gave the best crack and did least damage to the kernel on the minor diameter with the mean values of force at break of 53.500±47.964 N.



Mechanical properties, Varieties, Ugu seed, Force at break, Energy to break, Strain at break, Stress at break