Effects of Gender and Teaching Experience On In - service Teachers; Information and Communication Technology Literacy Skill and Competence Level

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Al - Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria


The use of information and communication technology in the delivery of instruction for classroom teaching is gaining more attention among in-service teachers. Therefore in-service teachers are striving towards acquiring and displaying skill in the use of ICT and consequently improving on their competence in the handling of the ICT tools. The handling of these tools are influenced by gender and teaching experience as revealed by this study. This research is a descriptive study carried out among in-service teachers in an attempt to find out the effects of gender and teaching experience on their ICT literacy skill and competence levels. Convenience sampling techniques was adopted where two hundred and eighty-three (283) in-service teachers literacy skill were sampled based on accessing, managing and integrating information, while ICT competence levels was measured through evaluating, creating and communicating information. Pearson Moment Correlation Coefficient, t-test and one way ANOVA were used to analyse data collected and collate. The result revealed that there was a significant relationship (r = 0.950, p = .000 or p > 0.05) that existed between literacy skill and competence levels of in-service teachers. Also, gender {t(11.16), p=0.000{or p<0.05); t(18.01), p=0.000 (or p<0.05)} and teaching experience {F(2,280) = 399.006, p<0.05} had effects on the literacy skill and competence of in-service teachers in the use of ICT respectively



Gender, Teaching experience, In-Service teachers, ICT, Literacy skill