Compliance with Labour and Birth Information among Postnatal Women Attending General Hospital Ilorin.

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Association of Behavioural Research Analysts and Psychometricians (ABReAP)


Childbearing is a life threatening event and compliance with labour and birth information can help reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality during pregnancy and childbirth. This study therefore, assessed the level of compliance with labour and birth information received; as well as maternal perception and satisfaction with birth information received by pregnant women. A descriptive cross-sectional survey was used for the study. A pre-tested structured questionnaire was administered to 119 postnatal women using purposive sampling technique. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics at 0.05level of significance. The study revealed that majority of the participants received adequate labour and birth information and nursemidwives were the major source of information received. Majority of participants received information on signs of labour (93.3%), basic requirement at the time of admission (93.3%), labour process (63%), plan of care and procedure during labour (62.2%) and care of the new born (60.5%). However, less than 40% received information on Pain relief during labour, augmenting and induction of labour, and episiotomy while the remaining claimed that they did not. Also, 109 (91.6%) of participants were satisfied with the information received and more than three quarters of the participants claimed to comply with the birth information given. However, some of the participants did not comply due to inability to cope with labour pain, anxiety and unexpected events. There was significant association between previous birth experience, participants' parity and level of compliance with birth information given (p-value = .005). Therefore, there is need to intensify child birth education during antenatal to ensure compliance during labour



Birth information, Compliance, Labour, Postnatal women, Hospital