Challenges of e-government implementation in the Nigerian public service

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The concept of e-government began in the early 1990s which is the use of information technology to improve governance, promote efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of public service. In the year 2000, the Federal Government of Nigeria recognized the need to transform the public service into the modern day system through the use of information technology. This was necessitated by the urgent need to improve public service delivery, ensure transparency, make government accessible, and ensure that information dissemination to the public is in real time. This study explored the hurdles faced by public agencies in materializing the government’s e-government vision. This study found that despite the government investing hugely in the ICT to realise the objectives stated in the policy document, minimal progress have been achieved. The lack of massive success can be attributed to infrastructural gap, power failure, digital divide, low ICT literacy level, theft and vandalization of ICT equipment, privacy and security.



Public Service, E-government, Nigeria, Challenges


Abdulkareem, A. K. (2015). Challenges of e-government implementation in the Nigerian public service. JOURNAL OF CREATIVE WRITING| ISSN 2410-6259, 1(04), 45-56.