Social networking as a tool for library services and knowledge management in academic libraries in Nigeria

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Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences, University of Ilorin, Nigeria


The emergence of social networking tools has created new opportunities for information generation, processing and dissemination. It has provided avenue for communication in a more interactive ways. Its application in libraries has transformed the method of providing services to users in the present age that is driven by Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This conceptual paper critically describes application of social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. in academic libraries. It discusses types of social networking, its features and historical background. The paper examines the benefits and challenges of social networking such as technophobia and low internet bandwidth. Recent development shows that social networking has under gone a dramatic growth in recent years. Such networks provide an extremely suitable space to instantly share multimedia information between individuals and their neighbors in the social graphs. The paper suggests more training on ICT applications for librarians and library users to alleviate technophobia. Also, an upgrade of Internet bandwidth to support effective application of social media in library services should be implemented. The paper concludes that libraries are under the influence of social media networking, which have transformed the functional activities in library services and knowledge management.


This is a conceptual paper


Academic Libraries, Libraries services, Knowledge management, Social networking, ICT


2. Bashorun, M. T., Isah, A. & Ajibola, S.A, (2018). Social networking as a tool for library services and knowledge management in academic libraries in Nigeria. International Journal of Information Processing and Communication (IJIPC). 6(1); 146-154.