Design and Implementation of Web-based Examination System for the University

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University of Oradea, Oradea, Romania


Online examination system is an information and communication solution to the paperbased examination system. It is resourceful, timesaving and efficient. The system is designed to enhance the examination process in schools and is capable of conducting any type of examination questions such as multiple-choice questions or theory-based question format. In this paper, we developed a system that provides an equitable level of security and veracity on the conduct of the examination. The aim of this application is to meet students requirements where they are expected to take their examination online through internet or intranet. The system was developed using Hypertext Preprocessor, Hypertext Markup Languages, Cascading Style Sheet, Javascript and My Structured Query Language as the database backend which are used in web-based applications. Thiese guarantee that the application is cheap, robust, and is able to run on multiple platforms. The application can be enhanced using integrated biometric systems such as fingerprint or face to improve its effectiveness and security.



web-design, records, Examination, paper based, multiple platforms