The Roles of STEAM Teacher Education in the Emerging E-Society and Sustainable Development Goals

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European Journal of Health and Biology Education


The ever increasing applications and widespread use of digital Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in every aspect of human interactions has become a dominant culture in the current post-modern society. Consequently, it is almost impossible for individuals who are e-illiterate to survive in the emerging smart cities and e-societies, in general. Sustainable development in any nation now rests largely on the level of mastery and use of ICT, as well as, the degree to which citizens are e-literate. The task of developing human potentials needed to power sustainable socioeconomic development as well as producing e-literate citizens, is a core function of the education industry. Here in lies the significance of education, especially teacher education in the achievement of sustainable development goals. This paper therefore, addresses the role of STEAM teacher education in the emerging smart cities, e- societies, and sustainable development goals. The concepts of smart cities, e-societies, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and STEAM teacher education were discussed in the paper. The role of STEAM teacher education in the attainment of SDGs, was critically examined, and the paper calls for the restructuring of the Nigerian education system in line with the basic tenets of STEAM education as parts of measures to attain the SDGs in Nigeria



Smart city, e-society, STEAM teacher education, sustainable development goals, e-literate


: Alabi, H. I., Bello, G., Ahmed, A. R., Bello, Z. A., Sulaiman, M. M., Imam, B. T., & Bello, R. A. (2019). The roles of steam teacher education in the emerging e-society and sustainable development goals. European Journal of Health and Biology Education, 8(2), 31-35.