Knowledge, Forms and Involvement in Intimate Partner Violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic among Residents of Ogba Community, Lagos State

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Positive Psychology Association, Nigeria, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


Background: Violence among intimate couple is one of the many trivial forms of violence and abuse among partners which has constituted a global public health problem. The violence among intimate partners does not only infringe on the human rights but also a violation of social- cultural and religious norms. Design: This study adopted descriptive cross-sectional research design which examined knowledge, forms and involvement of partners in intimate relation violence among residents of Ogba communities that constituted the target population. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 250 participants for the study and same number of Questionnaires was used to collect data from male and female participants and the analysis was based on 248 fully completed questionnaires. Results: The findings showed that level of knowledge about IPV was high among residence of Ogba community of Lagos State. The participants identified physical violence (4.0%), sexual violence (62.4%), emotional violence (9.3%), and spiritual violence (62.3%) as forms of intimate partner violence. Although partners were involved in IPV but majority (84.3%) claimed not been assaulted in any form but 27.3% were physically assaulted. Even though the IPV victims were not high in percentage, the physical and emotional trauma resulting from the violence could be detrimental to health of the victims. Conclusion: The study concluded that, socio-economic status such as educational level (Χ2 cal:45.689), religion (Χ2 cal: 24.544), ethnicity,( Χ2 cal :37.348), and occupation (Χ2 cal :33.0111) have a significant influence on the involvement of residents of Ogba community in IPV at P<0.05. This study recommended that, nurses and health caregivers must be knowledgeable about forms of IPV and skillful in handling behavioural changes on victims of IPV. Health education programmes on forms and dangers inherent in involvement on intimate partners’ violence in Ogba communities.



Forms, Involvement and Knowledge, Intimate Partner Violence,COVID-19 Pandemic