A Collaborative Authentication Scheme For Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Faculty of Communication and Information Science, University of Ilorin


Virtually all applications of WSN are critical infrastructures, yet they are characterized by low resource, making them a good and attractive target for network attackers. This necessitate the need for having an energy and resource optimizing security technology or mechanism that will ensure that WSN deployed for such infrastructures are secured at least to a degree from intrusion by malicious entities. Intrusion detection scheme (IDS) in wireless sensor networks (WSN) follows two main approaches namely; single sensing and multiple sensing. This paper presents an algorithm for a collaborative multiple sensor schemes that use the authentication of neighbour nodes and high level sensory data to detect a possible intrusion in a WSN. Besides using a collaborative multiple sensor schemes, the mechanism of the algorithm also incorporates a second layer of authentication which serves to increase the reliability and ruggedness of the proposed IDS. A simple demonstration of how the algorithm works was done through MATLAB simulation. Furthermore, a discussion of the effectiveness of the algorithm for several typical security attacks/threats against WSN was presented.



WSN, IDS, Collaborative Authentication