Investigation of disease incidence and nutritional storability of cassava roots under different storage techniques.

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University of Agriculture, Makurdi.


A study was conducted to investigate the disease incidence and the nutritional storability of cassava roots under different storage condition, Fifty pieces each of two varieties of cassava tubers TMS 30572 and TMS 4(2) 1425 were preserved using four storage methods namely ; Trench (re-burying the cassava roots in trenches and keeping them moist by watering them daily, applying a thick coating of mud, piling the tubers in heaps and a traditionally practiced method, by randomly spreading the tubers orderly . The samples were analysed for carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. The weight loss as well as number of diseased tubers were determined, the significant difference was conducted at ( p≤0.05 ). The mean results for the two varieties (TMS 30572 and TMS 4(2) 1425) showing the trend in the nutritional compositions and weight loss were also determined. The level of infestation of disease on the cassava tubers preserved by piling in heaps and mud application for both varieties are very low compared to the trench and the control method. The weight loss for both varieties, irrespective of the storage type is even along the storage period.


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Cassava, Disease, Preserved, storability, Storage