The Need for Women's Participation in Peace Building in Nigeria

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Department of Sociology, Faculty of the Social Sciences, Osun State University


Nigeria as a nation has been devastated by conflict, resulting in destabilization, displacement, and infrastructural destruction, all of which have gender-specific consequences. The impact of conflict on Nigerian women has been severe. In North-east Nigeria, for example, an estimated 70% of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are women and children. This paper is very pertinent at this era by examining conflict and peace building in Nigeria. It addresses how Nigerian women have performed important roles as peace builders, peace negotiators and peace educators in both families and society in the past, but which are currently been neglected. The paper conclude by emphasizing the important roles that women‟s play and that must be recognise in order to accelerate conflict resolution and peace building in Nigeria.



Women, Conflicts, Peace, Nation Building, Nigeria