Muslim Identity and Cultural Dilemma in Sub-Saharan African Fiction: An Example of Sembene Ousmane’s The Money Order

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Ife Journal of the Humanities and Social Studies (IJOHUSS)


The author examines the Islamic dimension of literature as a means to a more cogent understanding of the identity and cultural crisis described by Sembene Ousmane's .The Money Order. He focuses on the experiences of African Muslims who lost traditional space in the multicultural postcolonial arena. The fiction illustrates the gradual substitute of traditions and customs that shaped bonds in new ways such as false ideology and new means of commerce and relations. Sembene in the fiction shows a Muslim community rife with internal contradictions. It is, therefore, necessary to examine some of the different social, political and psychological behaviour with which Sembene invests his characters who grapple with the conflict between traditional and modern ways of life.



Muslim Identity, Cultural Dilemma, Sub-Saharan African Fiction,, The Money Order,, Sembene Ousmane