Text structure: A tool for effective biology instruction and learning

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Department of Vocational Education University of Uyo


The significant role of biology to the functioning of various systems of our body, as well as, the need to widening its scope through integration of biology with other subjects as was suggested in realization of sustainable development goals, make it a vital subject that every student must study and apply the knowledge when the need arises. It is therefore desirable that students are exposed to a well-structured, and detailed contents so as to enable them learn everything they need to learn, for proper knowledge demonstration. This paper focuses on how genetics content could be structured using logical prose to raise awareness about how to structure contents for effective instruction. The process involved in such structure was also described. In an attempt to do that, this article examined the topic under the subheadings: introduction, theoretical bases of text structure pattern, meaning and nature of logical prose structure, application of logical prose to biology instruction. A detailed exposition of its application in biology instruction is presented. Lastly, the paper recommended that teachers should utilized logical prose in structuring difficult concepts in biology and science in general. It was also recommended that text book author should utilize logical prose in structuring their instructions.



Text structure, Text structure patterns, Biology instruction, learning, Logical prose.


Alabi, H. I., & Abimbola, I.O. (2019). Text structure: A tool for effective biology instruction and learning. Journal of Vocational Education,22 (3), 1-7.