Corrosion Properties of Aluminum Alloy Reinforced with Wood Particles


Abstract: The need for improved metallic materials in terms of physicomechanical, microstructure, and corrosion properties has necessitated the need to form metal matrix composites. This article adopted the stir casting procedure and used wood particles (WP) to reinforce aluminum alloy at different volume fractions. The corrosion properties of the aluminum matrix in 3.5% wt NaCl were characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the potentiodynamic polarization curve, and open circuit potential. The corrosion results of the reinforced aluminum alloys was compared with the unreinforced alloy. The unreinforced sample showed improved resistance to corrosion compared to the reinforced aluminum alloy. All samples exhibited visible Pits on SEM observation.



Keywords: aluminum; corrosion; NaCl; potentio-dynamic; recycling; wood particles