A Novel Computer Aided Detection System for Detection of Focal and Non-Focal EEG Signals using Optimized Deep Neural Network


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting people of all ages. This disorder is reported to affect over 50 million people, with a majority residing in developing countries [1]. It is a sudden and unprovoked seizure that occurs due to an erratic change in the brains' electrical activity often accompanied by loss of consciousness, uncontrolled motions, jerking, and loss of memory [2] [3]. These inconvenient and undesirable effects undermine the quality of life of epilepsy patients as it's difficult for patients and doctors to predict when and where these seizures would occur. Therefore, it is highly imperative to develop an automated system for monitoring epileptic seizures and to assist clinicians in proper and efficient diagnosing of this disease [4] [5].



Neurological diseases , Deep learning , Neural networks , Epilepsy , Medical services , Signal processing , Developing countries