The Effect and Measurement of Workplace Absenteeism in the Banking Industry in Nigeria

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Lapai International Journal of Management and Social Sciences


The cost of absenteeism to business usually expressed in terms of lost productivity is difficult to determine. While the organisations are aware of the negative consequences of absenteeism, no attempt is often made to calculate-the impact. The Study is therefore, designed to examine different forms j of absenteeism and the likely causes. The likely implication/effect./cost are also discussed. Both primary and secondary data are used. These are questionnaire, personal interaction and a review of related literature. Banking industry in Nigeria is used as a case Study. The findings are that absenteeism affect business operation and that banks do not often bother to calculate the effect of absenteeism on the job. Further probing shows that even if they want to do so, they seem to have no idea on which formula to use. Ways of measuring the cost of absenteeism are suggested. The paper recommends ways to reduce absenteeism in the work place some which are, promotion of a high performance work culture and emphasizing the importance of the employee fitting into this culture, provision of flexible work practices that meet the needs of a business and employees, introduction of a reward system for any improvement to sick leave rates, and working with employees to develop strategies to reduce absenteeism.



Workplace, absenteeism, measurement, banking industry


1(1); 104-117