A Visual Perspective of Rain on WindScreen in Painting

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Department of Visual and Perrforming Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria


Rain is one of the natural elements of the environmen, this paper is aimed at explaining visual artistic possibilities of the rain as seen through the windscreen of a vehicle which basically designed for protecting against external forces when in the comfort of the vehicle. It discusses the rain and the windscreen as a visual subject matter for artistic interpretation and expression. This paper will also examine the interplay between rain droplets and the windscreen with the aim of using the impressions to create paintings on 2-dimensional surfaces. The paintings created are based on the Visual, aesthetics and appealing amoebic forms observed across the surface of the windscreen. Such works are seen to bear the ephemeral qualities of the rain as its affects the visual appreciation of colours and other elements of arts. It also considers conceptual interpretations of works produced through an analysis of Op art.


rain imageries creates transient amoebic forms that seem to transcends normal visual understanding.


Rain, Windscreen, Artist, Op Art