Value added snacks produced from Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea) paste or flour.

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Published by Elsevier for Journal of the Swiss Society of Food Science and Technology


Bambara groundnut is an underutilised leguminous crop that has similar composition to cowpea. In this study, snacks were prepared from Bambara groundnut flour or paste in comparison with cowpea. The proximate composition, colour, sensory properties and effect of storage period on the colour and texture of the snack were assessed. Protein and carbohydrate were the main components of Bambara groundnut flour and the snack. Snacks prepared from Bambara groundnut flour showed higher protein content (23.41 g/100 g) than the sample made from Bambara groundnut paste (19.35 g/100 g). Generally, snacks prepared from paste had higher ratings in all sensory attributes than those made from the flour. Colour intensity of the snacks slightly decreased, while the samples picked up moisture during storage. Storage of the snacks in high density polyethylene bags under ambient conditions of about 25 °C can keep the samples for less than 4 wk, as samples showed evidence of mould growth at 4 wk.



Bambara groundnut;, Akara egbe;, Cowpea;, Sensory;, Hardness