Effect of Production System on Growth Performance of Indigenous Guinea Fowls ( Numida meleagris galeata Pallas

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Animal Production Department, Kogi state University


In a study to determine the effect of production systems on performance of guinea fowls, birds were raised either on the deep litter or in battery cages. Each group comprised of 200 unsexed keets kept at a stocking density of 0.06m2/bird and were observed from 4 weeks up to 20 weeks of age. The birds were fed ad libitum and necessary vaccinations were given. Data obtained on feed intake, weight gain, feed conversion ratio and mortality were compared using the unpaired t-test. Production system had significant influence (P<0.05) on body weight at week 20, total feed intake, total weight gain and feed conversion ratio. Birds raised in cages had better weight gain (773.5 and 651.0g for cage and deep litter respectively). While feed intake was higher for birds raised on the deep litter (5602.33 and 5118.60g for litter and cage, respectively), feed conversion ratio was better with birds raised in cages (6.62 and 8.61). Mortality was similar for birds raised under both systems. It was concluded that better body weight can be achieved by raising guinea fowls in cages.



cages, deep litter, keets, feed intake