Values in society and school: Social ills among teenagers from Islamic and Western perspectives

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Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah Malaysia


School is a formal institution that embodies a community‟s values. It educates and transmits values to ensure continuity and stability from one generation to another while preparing the youth with values that make them effective and relevant in the fast changing world. Some social problems start to develop when values taught in schools and those cherished by the community are at loggerheads. This paper examines the prevalent social ills among teenagers as a barrier to the growth and development of the nation. In an attempt to underscore the need for value education, the paper explores the relationship between values and education and then between value and character development from Islamic and Western perspectives. It then identifies some theories and opinions, along with the basic concepts of values to be addressed among the youth and teenagers. Finally, the paper suggests possible solutions for tackling social ills among teenagers.



moral education, Islamic education, Western education