History and International Relations: The Question of Additional Nomenclature

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Published by the Department of Sociology, University of Ilorin, Ilorin pp265-275


The nature of this argument stemmed out of the protracted and obvious devaluation attached to the word 'History' as a discipline. History is a course and not a curse and so there is no basis for it to go into extinction neither is there any reason for it to change its nomenclature before the value and importance of history could be acknowledged and appreciated. The position of this paper therefore is that 'the hood does not make a monk'. International Relations as a concept came after the failure of the League of Nations to prevent further destruction in the global arena. International Relations concerns herself chiefly with political discourse and action which indeed is an integral part of history. It is therefore the argument of this paper that we do not need additional nomenclature to make the study of History attractive to the students



International Relations, Nomenclature, History, Human Activities