A stylistic Appraisal of David Rubadiri's Stanley meets Mutesa

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ONA Journal of English Language and Literature, Kogi State University, Ayingba


Rubadiri's Stanley Meets Mutesa narrates the ordeal of colonialism in Africa. The poem deploys time and place images to encapsulate the personae's account of colonial expedition in Africa. Through stylistic analysis, the paper studies the form of language patterns and word choices that ultimately enhance the understanding of the social-cultural setting of the poem. The paper shows that not only the preys are in bondage, the predators in the colonial jungle are equally and tacitly in bondage too, as asserted in Yoruba adage that "endurance is what the one who is being chased by a masquerade requires, after all, the one from heaven also gets tired as the living does" Finally, it brings to the fore the workability of linguistics and literary resources to produce a socially interactive discourse in a simplified form contrary to poem-phobic stance of many readers of poetic genre.



ordeal, Colonial, time and place images,, Word Choices, Socio-Political Milieu