Performance-Assessment of Existing Drainage Facilities for The Purpose of Stormwater Management

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LAUTECH Journal of Civil and Environmental Studies


The study assesses the performance of the existing drainage facilities in some selected areas in Ilorin Metropolis of Kwara State, Nigeria. The rapid increase in urbanization, increase in population without corresponding infrastructures in the city of Ilorin have led to the increased incidence of flood as the available drainage channel cannot convey the volume of water. The study focuses on the household demograph, flooding, drainage maintenance and solid waste management strategies employed in the study areas. The methodology involves the use of questionnaires and interview method to gather information from the respondents of the study areas. The study was carried out with 200 copies of well-designed questionnaire through systematic random sampling technique in the administration. The research questions were answered using tables of frequencies and percentages, bar chat, pie chart and regression analysis for flood modelling and prediction of flood occurrence. The analysis revealed that frequent flood events in the city of Ilorin can be traced to dumping of solidwaste in the drainage system, inadequate drainage channels, poor solid waste management strategy and variables such frequency of drainage maintenance, predominant waste material and duration of drainage maintenance, made statistically significant contributions to the prediction of Flood occurrence. A model for prediction of effect of stormwater management on flood was formulated. All the variables used in the model were evaluated and it has been established that frequency of drainage maintenance makes the strongest contribution to the causes of flood (Y dependent variable) among all other significant variables, other significant variables included availability of drainage system, waste disposal mechanism, distance of available dumpsite, frequency of waste collection, agency responsible for drainage maintenance and predominant waste materials.



Assessment, Drainage facilities, Stormwater, Flood, Management


Oluwaseun, O. V., Bilewu, S. O. Adejumo, E.A and Makanjuola, B.G.(2020). Performance-Assessment of Existing Drainage Facilities for The Purpose of Stormwater Management. LAUTECH Journal of Civil and Environmental Studies. 4(1). 107-122