Student Crises: The Dimension of Student-Police Relations in Nigeria

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Ilorin Journal of Education


Against the background of series of students' crises in Nigeria's tertiary institutions since 1965, the relationship between students and the police has developed into what could be called a Mephistophelian relation characterized by fiendishness. This paper gives historical overview of a student’s-police relations as a catalyst to students' crises in Nigeria. It is recommended that the police, in the discharge of their constitutional duties of restoring and maintaining laws and order should always exercise great restraints in the event of provocations by students. The police and other security agents should be given modern training in civic contact and education.


Student crises the dimension of Student Police Relation in Nigeria


Crises, Police, Student, Nigeria


Adebayo, P.F. (2002) ‘Student Crises: The Dimension of Student-Police Relations in Nigeria’, Ilorin Journal of Education, Vol.21. pp. 75-92 Published by Institute of Education, University of Ilorin.