Inhibitive Potentials of Bitter Kola Stem (BKS) on Mild Steel in Acidic Media

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This paper deals with the inhibitive potentials of bitter kola stem extract (BKS) on the deterioration of mild steel in 1 M HCl and 1 M H2SO4 using gravimetric method. Coupons of dimension 5.0 cm x 4.0 cm were immersed in test solutions of uninhibited acid and also in those containing various amount of BKS (10, 25 and 40 %v/v) at 30 oC and 60 oC respectively. The results showed that the extract addition reduced mild steel corrosion in the acidic media. The inhibitive efficiency of 92.07 % was attained at 40 %v/v in 1 M H2SO4 at 30 oC temperature, while the efficiency of 89.19 % was realized at the same concentration in 1 M HCl at 60 oC temperature. Hence, BKS can be considered as a good and safe inhibitor against mild steel corrosion in both acidic media.



Bitter Kola Stem, Inhibition, Corrosion, Weight loss, Mild Steel