A Case Report of Respiratory Mannheimiosis in Sheep and Goat Complicated by Bordetella parapertussis

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Nigerian Veterinary Journal


In January 2007, an outbreak of acute respiratory disease in a flock of sheep and goats in Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria, was reported to the Central Diagnostic Laboratory of the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Nigeria, for investigation. The investigation comprised the disease history, clinical and post-mortem examination, and microbiological analysis of lung lesions. Clinically, one sheep and one goat were found dead without any previous signs of illness. Necropsy of the two animals demonstrated lung consolidation and fibrinous pneumonia. Mannheimia haemolytica serotype A2. was isolated from the lung lesions of the two animals. In addition Bordetella parapertussis was isolated from the lung lesions of the necropsied goat. In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility test results indicated the M. haemolytica isolates and the B. parapertussis isolate were susceptible to Conflox, Neocloxin, Oxytetracyclin, Gentaprim and Streptomycin. The confirmation of Mannheimios outbreak in this investigation adds to the growing list of the prevalence and incidence rates of the disease in and across Nigeria as highlighted in the review of literature. The need to embrace the vaccination of sheep and goats as the hub of control programme againstpneumonic pasteurellosis in the country is also emphasized.



M a nnh ei m i a haemolytica, Sheep and Goat, Superinfection