Teachers’ professional attitudes and students’ academic performance.

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Published by College of Education, Northern Arizona University, Arizona, USA.


Teachers are the main driver of quality outputs in secondary schools. The professional attitudes displayed by teacher matters a lot in the educational process. This study investigated teachers’ professional attitudes and students’ academic performance in secondary schools in Ilorin Metropolis of Kwara State. The survey research design was found suitable for this study. The population of the study consisted of all the secondary school students in Ilorin Metropolis. Two instruments Teachers’ Professional Attitudes Questionnaire (TPAQ) and Students’ Academic Performance Proforma (SAPP) were developed and used for data collection. Pearson product moment correlation statistic was used to test all the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings of this study revealed a significant relationship between all the sub-variables of the independent variables and students’ academic performance. Recommendations were made that teachers should adopt effective verbal communication attitudes, classroom management attitudes and pedagogical attitudes.



Students’ Academic Performance, Communication Attitudes, Subject Mastery Attitudes, Pedagogical Attitude, Teachers’ Professional Attitudes