Assessment of Flow Pressure in Selected Zones of Ilorin Township Water Supply

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Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ilorin, Nigeria


In our societies today such as Ilorin metropolis, the study area, the objective water supply system has not been attained, thus calling for improvement in pipe distribution system to supply water to various consumers more effectively. In an attempt to improve the service, the Kwara State Government constructed additional service reservoirs at different locations within the metropolis; most of which receive water from Agba dam treatment plant. Pipe network analysis was then carried out based on the demand in the study area. 10 cases were considered using the location of the service reservoirs in relation to the study area and also on the actual production for distribution to the three zones within the study area. The pressure distribution at the nodes was determined for the ten cases. The maximum and the minimum nodal pressures obtained were compared with recommended values for satisfactory performance of a water supply pipe network.



Pressure, water supply, pipe, treatment


Ayanshola, A.M. and Sule, B.F. (2006): Assessment of Flow Pressure in Selected Zones of Ilorin Township Water Supply. Journal of Research Information in Civil Engineering (RICE), Department of Civil Engineering University of Ilorin; 3(1), 83-101,