Considerations in increasing popular participation in Community Development Projects in Ilorin Emirate: Theoretical and Empirical Evidences

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Centre for Ilorin Studies (CILS), University of Ilorin


Abstract It is true that there are several Nigerians, especially indigenes of Ilorin, who are poor and cannot afford basic needs of life. It is also true that governments at all levels cannot meet the needs of every one. Therefore, the wells off members of the community have to complement efforts of government(s) as individuals or as organizations. In this regard, this descriptive and prescriptive paper provides information on the social and economic status of Kwara State, by extension Ilorin Emirate, among other states in Nigeria. This is followed by discussions on how to mobilize people, particularly those who are better off in the Emirate, to contribute to the development of their immediate community. Also, the paper is framed by theory of community participation which suggests inclusion of all, irrespective of their social and economic position in the society, in development process. That is, everyone has a deposit that can enhance development and therefore should be adequately involved in the process. The paper also benefits from the findings of a research on interactive effects of social, economic and psychological factors on community participation. The findings of the study suggest factors which can be explored to enhance participation. In conclusion, the paper provides road map for further development of the Ilorin Emirate. Key Words: Considerations, Increasing popular participation, Community Development Projects, Ilorin Emirate, Theoretical, Empirical Evidences


In Z. I. Oseni, A. S. Abdulsalam, B. O. Yusuf and I. A. Jawondo (Eds). Book of Readings Centre for Ilorin Studies, University of Ilorin. 228-241. Unilorin Press.


Considerations,, Increasing popular participation,, Community Development Projects,, Ilorin Emirate,, Theoretical, Empirical Evidences