A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of English Speaking Mediun Nollywood Film Adverisement Posters

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English Scholars' Association of Nigeria


The multimodal theory of communication establishes that meaning is multifaceted and can be disseminated in various forms both verbal and visual. The application of this versatile means of image-enabled communication is inherent in most modern technologies especially in film marketing strategy of the poster medium. It is to this end, that the paper sought to identify how meaning is organised and enacted in Nollywood film advertisement posters. Adopting a mixed method approach to data collection and analysis, Kress and van Leeuween’s Visual Grammar and van Leeuwen’s Multimodal communicative acts were deployed to the analysis of four randomly selected Nollywood film advertisement posters. The analysis revealed that visual semiotic resources are heavily grounded in the posters than linguistic resources but they both co-exist and integrate with each other to persuade viewers to patronise and view the films. The paper concludes that semiotic resources are a vital aspect of film advertisement posters because they have in them implicit persuasive strategies that require contextual knowledge for their encoding and interpretation.



film posters, visual grammar, multimodal communicative acts, linguistic resources, visual resources