The House is on Fire: Towards Engaging Arialusi in Resolving Nigerian Socio-Political Miasma

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Institute for African Renaissance Studies Education, University of South Africa.


Nigerian people in the 21st century are faced with bad governance and leadership as a result of corruption, instability, senseless killings, insecurity, and among others. This idea of suffering also has praxis of humanity. Thus, where people experience evil, retrogression, anti-development and loss are substantially there undoing. Therefore, this undoing is the product of Arialusi which as an Edo religious concept means the law of retribution; sowing and reaping. As a matter of fact, Arialusi means the law of retributive justice; law of nemesis; a cosmic law of justice which holds that one’s life is determined by the performance in the previous life that spills to the present and the future. Arialusi is a human ‘sim’ that imprints itself as a hidden force or potential in one’s life. This hidden force or potential when activated by an external stimulus or natural law, produces corresponding effects either good or bad, happiness or suffering, progress or retrogression. This paper adopted moral, socio-cosmic methods leading to the fact that much emphasis on materialism and acquisition of wealth than spiritual knowledge are the bane of Nigerian leaders. Arialusi is a neverending process of life. Therefore, Arialusi is an eternal and immutable law of nature that has its seat in the soul of every human. No doubt, the payoffs are gain or loss, comfort or pains, enjoyment or suffering. To this end, the work postulates that Arialusi is about cause and effect and political activities are also accounted for by omission or commission. The end, the product of every political activity has corresponding effect either for the individual or the society.



Nigeria, Socio-Political, Arialusi, Miasma, House, Fire