Management Problems in Government Parastatals: The Kwara State Experience

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Advances in Management.


Parastatals are financially semi-autonomous bodies created by enabling laws called edicts or government fiats in the absence of edicts. Parastatals are created in some cases because their business cannot be efficiently carried out by the governments and are also unsuitable or unattractive to private sector. But basically they could all be classified into two groups. Those providing essential social services and those that are of commercial nature. There are various management problems facing parastatals. This paper analyses the management problems militating against efficiency and high productivity in most parastatals in Kwara state. These problem include lack of funds, undue interference by the superintending ministries, lack of qualified staff, poor training facilities and lack of necessary equipment. The paper suggests ways by which these problems could be solved and these include abiding by the edicts and laws under which the parastatals were brought into being, provision of adequate fund, necessary facilities and freehand to employ qualified staff.



Management Problems, Government Parastatals, Kwara State


2 (1); 32-41