Influence of Self-Monitoring in Preventing Bullying Behaviour as expressed by In-school Adolescents in Ilorin, Nigeria

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Institute of Medico-Legal Publications Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India


Bullying behaviour among in-school adolescents is generating concerns among researchers in recent times. This issue can be addressed through self-monitoring. This study examined the influence of self-monitoring in preventing bullying behaviours among in-school adolescents with samples drawn from 10 purposively selected secondary schools. Three research questions were raised while four hypotheses were tested at 0.05 alpha level. Survey was employed for the field work. A total of 200 secondary school students participated in the study. Researcher-designed questionnaire entitled “Influence of Self-Monitoring on Bullying Behaviour Inventory (ISBBI) was used to elicit information from respondents. Mean, t-test and analysis of variance were used to analysis the data. Respondents appreciated the effectiveness of self-monitoring in preventing bullying behavior. Results also indicated that respondents appreciated self-monitoring exercise as a veritable strategy for reducing incidence of bullying behaviours. Recommendation include integration of behaviour modification technique with particular emphasis on the principles of self-monitoring as this could reduce incidence of bullying.



Self-monitoring, Preventing, Bullying, In-school adolescents