Reduction of Mutual Coupling in UWB/MIMO Antenna Using Stub Loading Technique


The research presents mutual coupling reduction between UWB-MIMO antenna elements using stub loading technique. The proposed 2 × 2 UWB antenna geometry consists of two circular-shaped monopole radiators with a partial ground for perfect impedance matching. Stubs of 20 mm × 0.2 mm are inserted between the two antenna elements in the ground plane to improve the isolation. The decoupling stub leads to a mutual coupling reduction of less than 20 dB. The farfield measurement at a selected frequency of 10 GHz confirms an omnidirectional radiation pattern. Different MIMO antenna metric such as channel capacity loss (CCL), mean effective gain (MEG), total active reflection coefficient (TARC), envelope correlation coefficient (ECC), and surface current are presented. Details of the design considerations and the simulation and measurement results are presented and discussed. The proposed MIMO antenna array can be well suited for UWB applications.



Diversity antenna, Error correlation coefficient, MIMO antenna, Mutual coupling, Slotted stub, UWB antenna