Improving the electrical properties of aluminium metal through squeeze casting process

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NSE Technical Transactions


Squeeze casting is a new permanent mould casting process that produces products with improved mechanical and electrical properties. The effects of squeeze casting processing conditions (applied pressure and die temperatures), on the heat transfer coefficients and electrical properties of squeeze casting of aluminium have been investigated. Interfacial heat transfer coefficients were determined experimentally from measured values of heating and cooling temperatures of steel mould and cast metal respectively. A computer programme was developed to compute the temperature distributions in both the cast metal and steel mould and heat transfer coefficients in squeeze casting of aluminium. The predicted results show that high applied pressures and low die temperatures result in a high heat transfer coefficients across the casting / steel mould interface, which leads to increase in solidification and cooling rates of the cast metal. The experimental obtained values were compared with the numerical values and found to show good agreement between the predicted results and the experimental measured data.


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pre-heat temperature, delay time, applied pressure, heat transfer coefficient