Challenges Facing the Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (cacyof) in Ilorin Metropolis

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Ajayi Crowther University Journal of Religious Studies, Oyo, Oyo State


Challenges are constant phenomenon in life and particularly in every human organization. No organization is free from challenges at one time or the other. In other words, authoritarian system of leadership, insufficient funds, arrogant of human nature among others serves as an impediment to progress in any establishment. The youth are not only movers and shakers of the society but the future of the present is built in the youth. The paper examines the challenges facing the youth fellowship in Christ Apostolic Church. The youth fellowship is recognized with the name Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF) and has been functioning in the church for over 50years. This paper aimed at providing solutions to the challenges in order to allow smooth and efficient running of the fellowship as a body in the Church. The paper adopted historical and empirical methods; primary sources like interviews were also used to facilitate adequate information on the views of youth, pastors and youth executives to determine the challenges and the solutions to the menace facing the fellowship. Some of the findings in this paper show that the age limit of youth in Christ Apostolic Church is 50years and the refusal of many members who are married to participate in the youth fellowship. It is also important to identify that financial constraint has. This paper suggested that the youth fellowship of the church should not be taken with levity, and proper concern to the growth of the body should be placed paramount.



Challenges, Youth Fellowship and Ilorin Metropolis.