Agricultural Policies and Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP 2017-2020)

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National Defence College, Abuja, Nigeria


The Federal government of Nigeria set a road map to liberate the country, which had hitherto been plunged into an economic recession, from further deepening into economic crises. Given the prevailing socio-economic condition of the country, this article appraises the agricultural policies; alongside the ERGP- which is a medium term plan that was meant to take the country through the year 2017- 2020. Three years down the line and with about a year to the end of the ERGP, it has become pertinent to evaluate the plan; so as to determine whether to consolidate on its successes and gains or if there is a need to re-strategize going forward. The key items that are integral to the topic of discourse were conceptualized in Agriculture, Policy, and Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP). In unbundling the listed concepts, it should be noted that several agricultural policies had been enacted in Nigeria by past administrations. This chapter tries to evaluate the influence of Agriculture Promotion Policy (APP) on the ERGP and vice versa, and this is logical because both the APP and ERGP were established by the current government. Growth of nations, in this chapter, is limited to Nigeria considering the scope of study. Moreover, it is only germane to discuss Nigeria because the two main variables of discourse in this chapter; are tools designed by Nigerians and for Nigerians.



Policy, Economy, Agriculture, Nigeria


28. Aderinoye-Abdulwahab S. A. (2020). Agricultural Policies and Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP 2017-2020). In: Strategic Lenses: Economic Diversification and National Development in Nigeria. Kadiri, M. M., Attu, E. A., Alarape, A. L., & Udeh, C. S. (eds). Abuja: National Defence College, Abuja, Nigeria. Chapter 12: 235-245. (ISBN: 978-978-55981-5-5).